International ambassadors

Lolland Municipality has three international ambassadors, who are looking forward to assisting you: Susan Daniels from Rødbyhavn, Susana Toro-Zapata from Holeby and Candice L. Progler-Thomsen in Maribo.

Susan Daniels
Susan in Rødby

About Susan Daniels

“I would like people coming to Lolland from other countries and towns to settle in well and enjoy living here, whether they are here for a short or long period of time.”

I moved to Rødbyhavn in the Autumn of 2014. I grew up in Jutland, and since then I have lived in Copenhagen, Dublin, Malmö and across the sea on the island Fehmarn. I studied foreign languages, business economics and tourism at business school and have worked in the tourism industry for a number of years.

The reasons for moving to Rødbyhavn were both the opportunities linked to the tunnel construction project, and the fact that you can buy a house here at an affordable price. In the house, I run a small B&B and work for the ferry company.

I also wanted to make use of my cross-border experience from Malmö/Copenhagen, and since moving here, I have established many links across to our neighbours by organising cycling tours and coordinating art projects involving both Danes and Germans.

Being an ambassador

Moving to new places in other countries without knowing anyone at first has given me useful tools to help others settle in. In both Dublin and Malmö, I benefitted hugely from joining social clubs, and when coming to Rødbyhavn, I wanted to welcome the many people coming from various countries to work at the tunnel project.

The construction work did not start immediately after I moved here, but now it will start in the foreseeable future. At the same time, the municipality of Lolland has provided a channel for local ambassadors by setting up this website.

Personally, I can assist you in practical matters related to moving to a new country, provide information about companies operating locally and give you tips about how to spend your leisure time.

International Meetup Group

Susan has also set up Rødbyhavn Internationals as a Meet-up group. Here newcomers can socialise with local people at various events announced on the website. There will be a mix of activities, sports and outdoor, excursions to attractions, drink or coffee at a café or pub, cooking and having dinner together, etc.

Susan speaks English, German, Swedish and French. Many people coming to Rødbyhavn during the coming years will be of various nationalities, and therefore, the common language in the group will be English.

You are very welcome to call or text Susan on mobile +45 26209752 or send an e-mail.

Go to: Rødbyhavn International

Susana Toro-Zapata in Maribo
Susana in Maribo

About Susana Toro-Zapata

"Moving to the countryside can be an extra challenge, especially for city dwellers like me, so I can help other international people to find their place in the community, feel more integrated and start their life in the wonderful Lolland and fellow islands.

I am from Colombia, and I moved to Denmark in December of 2017. I am a Geologist and I am studying a Master in Climate Change at the University of Copenhagen, so I travel quite a lot between Copenhagen and Lolland. Since I moved to Lolland, I have been trying to get involved in different activities as a volunteer, and one of those is Iværksætter Lolland. This experience has been essential for me to feel more integrated into Danish society, while I can contribute to the development of the organisation and the local environment through my passion for sustainability, land use and food. I have lived in England and now Denmark, so I am familiar with all the challenges that moving to another country can bring.

This summer, I finished a course in Danish at a language school, so that I can communicate in Danish, English and, of course, Spanish.

I would love to guide you with the doubts you may have and some life hacks to settle quicker on Lolland. You can contact me via email."

Go to: Iværksætter Lolland

Picture of Candice P. Thomson
Candice enjoying summer in Maribo

About Candice L. Progler-Thomsen

Welcome to Denmark and welcome to Lolland! I am thrilled to welcome you to our beautiful corner of Denmark and Europe. Originally from the US, I have moved many times for both my education and career. I consider myself a global nomad with more than 14 years outside of my passport country, 3 of these years were on the shores of the Red Sea in Saudi Arabia and over 11 years have been here in Denmark. Therefore, I understand what you may be feeling, or felt, when saying goodbye, packing up your life, and having to start all over for your new chapter here on Lolland. I realize the awkwardness and stress of making new friends when you don’t speak the language, sorting out the logistics for housing or your child’s school matters, and/or finding out how to use the public transportation system or converting your driver’s license. Yet, I also realize the opportunities that lie ahead of you as you start this new chapter here on Lolland and here in Denmark! 

My journey to Lolland

My journey to Lolland started, when I moved to Denmark for work at Copenhagen Business School 13 years ago, after which I met my Danish husband, Kim. With time I also fell in love with Copenhagen and Denmark and we made a home here. Together with our children, Siena and Caspian, we decided to move to Lolland because of the variety of opportunities available here for our international family. The greater Lolland community has a spirit of openness and inviting atmosphere for attracting newcomers, which was very appealing to us. As we continued to explore the area, we discovered the many opportunities that met each of our needs, from sports to theater to hiking and cycling trails in the beautiful nature, not to mention the many organizations and activities across the island. Finally, we were drawn to the possibility for our bi-lingual third culture kids to enroll into the Lolland International School.

Being part of a International Community on Lolland-Falster  

I look forward to welcoming you to Lolland and helping with questions and concerns you may have. I also invite and encourage you to join our organization, International Community Lolland-Falster, where you can get advice and support from others who are here to help you on your journey to settling, connecting, and becoming part of our community here on Lolland-Falster. We offer a variety of services, activities, events, and programs throughout the year, so please follow our FB page where we will announce our offerings.

Find International Community Lolland-Falster on facebook.

For those who are moving to Lolland, or even considering moving here, I would be happy to be a resource. You are welcome to contact me via email or phone at +45 3133 0994.

I look forward to speaking with you and meeting you when you get here!