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A child’s childhood is valuable, and all children deserve a safe and healthy upbringing with equal opportunities for a good everyday life.

That is the starting point in Lolland Municipality’s daycare institutions, including daycare, nurseries, kindergartens, nature and forest kindergartens. All are wonderfully close to beautiful and inspiring nature, forest and parks. Here, the children have the best opportunities every day to climb trees, pick fruit directly from trees and shrubs and get dirt under their nails. It helps to stimulate the development of senses, creativity and motor skills.

Public daycare

Children can be enrolled in a public daycare option from as early as 6 months old. However, the norm is that they start around 9-12 months.

Until the age of 3, the child can attend public or private nursery or family daycare, with trained teachers looking after the children in both options.

From the age of 3 to 5, the children attend kindergartens. Most Danish kindergartens are public, but you can also find private ones.

All Danish kindergartens have professionally trained staff. The pedagogical approach in Danish Kindergartens is to stimulate children’s social, linguistic and democratic skills, primarily through play and pedagogical planned activities.

Families only pay a maximum of 30% of the cost of nurseries and daycare centres, since the Danish State subsidises the rest. You can learn more about childcare and how to sign up at

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Welcome visit for newcomers and their children under 4 years

In Lolland Municipality, we have a home visit by a health nurse for all families with children under 4 years who move to the municipality. The nurse, who offers home visits, will contact you automatically.

We talk together about what you may need, for example:

  • Where you can find leisure opportunities as the library, parent-child swimming or gymnastics.
  • Your child's health, well-being and development. Fx what your child should be able to do at this age level. How you can check your child's motor, linguistic and social development. And what you should be aware of in terms of your child's vaccination program.
  • Lolland Municipality's School and Day Care - fx where you can register your child.

Maternity/paternity leave

Denmark has a very generous maternity/paternity arrangement, where you as parents are entitled to 52 weeks of maternity/paternity leave.

Maternity benefits are where you have the possibility of getting compensation for the income which you do not get when you are on maternity leave.

Your possibility to obtain maternity benefits depends on different things.

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Playgroups for stay-at-home-parents

For the parents who choose to stay home with their children, instead of enrolling them in childcare options, it is possible to engage in local playgroups.

Many stay-at-home-parents organise playdates in their private homes or in public libraries or playgrounds.

Almost all Danes are active on Facebook, and many of these private networks are established there.