Planters in front of a house

Moving to a new country can in many ways be a challenge, and one of the things that is important is to find your new home.

On Lolland, you have primarily two options for finding your new home. The first is renting and the second is buying. You can find small townhouses, apartments, villas, large houses with a sea view and many countryside gems.


In the last years the interest in Lolland has increased, many newcomers are moving here, as a result the rental market for housing is very popular. Especially in the center of Maribo and the area around, it can be more difficult to find something to rent. There is on the other hand, many options for renting in other locations on Lolland.

On Lolland, we have different housing associations that facilitate rental accommodation. There, you can find both apartments and townhouses. 

There is also the option to search for rental accommodation online on the private market. Here you can usually find apartments of various sizes and houses in the towns and the countryside.

You can search for rental accommodation online on the private market.

Go to the housing portal boligportal.dk (only in danish)

Go to the rental portal lejebolig.dk (only in danish)

It is also advisable to check the local newspapers, e.g., Folketidende or Lollands-Posten for adverts.

Femern Belt Housing

If you work on the Femern Belt project, you can also take a look at the Femern Belt Developments platform. That is an overview of quality housing and modern business facilities and a key hub between local property owners on South Zealand/Lolland-Falster and their potential new tenants.

Find more information about Femern Belt Housing & Facilities


House with plants and garden


If you are looking to buy your new dream home, then please look at all the different kinds of houses, apartments, detached houses and other accommodation you can search for online.

The average property prices on Lolland are lower than in many other places in Denmark, and it is therefore possible to purchase larger residences for less money.

For example, for one million Danish crowns you will be able to afford a detached 150 m2 brick house in Nakskov, an idyllic country home in the countryside or an attractive town apartment.

Take a look at houses for sale at boligsiden.dk (only in danish)

If you want to build a new house on Lolland, Lolland Municipality also has a wide selection of building plots for sale, even at prices that are far below the national average.

Flex home

In Lolland Municipality, you can also choose to buy a so-called flex home, which is a home that is a year-round house but without a residency requirement. This means that you can buy the house and use it, for example, as a holiday home or a second home - all year-round.

If you feel like moving permanently into your flex home, you can terminate the flex home permit at any time. For instance, it can be a good solution for you if you want a lovely house in scenic surroundings or want to try life on Lolland before you move in permanently.

Read more about flex homes at flexbolig.nu (only in Danish)

Any questions?

Do you have any questions about housing on Lolland, please contact our newcomers guide Martina Frang Mostad, telephone +452399 5936 or email newcomers@lolland.dk