Beautiful nature

Lolland’s countryside is something special and an essential part of the area’s identity. Lolland has magnificent nature that can offer outdoor experiences for everyone, whether it’s on foot, by bike, on a horse or on the water.

There is everything here from forests and fields to beaches, sea, islands, fjords and large inland lakes.

Close to sky, sea and wildlife

Lolland has many beautiful beaches. In fact, there are 26 great beaches on Lolland, 11 of which have the so-called Blue Flag, which shows that it is a swimming beach in a class of its own.

A walk on the dykes on South Lolland brings you close to both the sky and sea at the same time and gives you an unspoiled, wonderful starry sky at night.

At the water’s edge, you may be lucky to find amber, and when it’s windy, big waves crash in from Germany.

There is also rich wildlife here. For example, discover the wild horses in the Saksfjed-Hyllekrog nature reserve, white-tailed eagles and other birds up close.

A young male eagle
Whitetailed eagle in the sky. Photo: Klaus Bek Nielsen

Maribo Lakes Nature Park

In the middle of Lolland is Maribo Lakes Nature Park. The 50 km² nature park has beautiful lakes, forests, meadows, bogs, pastures and a varied cultural landscape with manors and agriculture.

Experience the area’s many animals and plants along small and winding roads and paths or from vantage points with information boards, tables and benches. Or take the tour boat, Anemonen, and see the nature park from the sea.

Read more about Maribo Lakes Nature Park on Maribo Lakes Nature Park’s website (only in Danish).

People on the jetty
Maribo Lake Nature Park.

Naturpark Nakskov Fjord

Nature Park Nakskov Fjord is an approx. 55 km² nature area on West Lolland. With as many as 10 islands, the fjord is Denmark’s most island-rich fjord, and you can get to the largest of them with the tour boats.

Explore the nature park and enjoy both the scenic views from the hiking trails and cycle paths and the area’s exciting cultural environment.

Read more about Nature Park Nakskov Fjord on the Nature Park's website (only in Danish)

People on the beach
Lolland has many beautiful beaches.


Saksfjed-Hyllekrog is a large nature reserve on South Lolland, with varied types of habitat, such as scrub, beach meadow, beach common, dunes and open coast. The area is a game reserve, and the wetland is a vital habitat for waterfowl.

Here you can see birds of prey, pairs of white-tailed eagles, wild horses, organic cattle and deer.

Read more about Saksfjed-Hyllekrog on the Bird Prodtection Foundation's website (Fulgeværnsfonden). (Only in Danish) 

Wild horses graze
Wild horses at Saksfjed-Hyllekrog.