International network

International Community Lolland Falster

Our community welcomes and supports internationals and returning Danes, as they relocate, settle and integrate into life in Denmark. We offer advice pre- and post-arrival, as well as opportunities for both international and Danish residents to connect and engage through activities, events and programs throughout the year. Our goal is to assist newcomers to Lolland - Falster in building a network with Danes and other internationals in the community. We strive to help newcomers with an easy transition into Danish culture and lifestyle. 

On our webpage you can also get more information about upcoming events.  

You can join our community by finding our group Facebook: International Community Lolland Falster. 

A warm welcome

“My move and transition to Maribo has been one of the easiest international moves I've ever done. Having my questions answered by the Lolland international ambassadors prior to arrival, followed by being embraced by the International Community Lolland - Falster once I arrived truly eased me into the community. This warm welcome set the tone and it has been smooth sailing ever since. Mange tak Lollik i Lolland!”

- Maria, moved to Maribo


Steering group of International Community Lolland-Falster; Nina, Summer, Graciela.
People having a picnic
International Community Lolland-Falster; Picnic.
People enjoying food
Dinner hosted by International Community Lolland-Falster.