Language School

Three women sitting at tables
Students in one of the language school's classrooms

Lolland Language School is a municipal language school with branches in Nakskov and Maribo. We have 14 teachers and approx. 340 students spread over more than 30 nationalities, and we have room for you, too. 

The schools main aim is to teach Danish language and culture. They offer courses at all levels, depending on how much Danish you already know and how easy you learn, the school will help you to choose the right level and course. The language school wants everybody to succeed and know how to understand, speak and write Danish on their own level and in their own speed.

On every level, you will have different learning goals and you will have to prove your skills in tests (understanding, reading writing and communication test) which will give you the required access to the next step in your Danish education.

Why learn Danish?

Learning Danish will give you a better understanding of Denmark, it will most likely make you feel more at home and you will be able to integrate at work and particularly in Danish society. 

In most Danish companies, working language is Danish. In some workplaces there is even a requirement that you speak Danish or at least that you intend to learn it.

Learning Danish will also open up so many more areas of your life in Denmark. It will make it easier to be part of a network and make friends, you will feel less isolated when you learn Danish. 

Attending language school and going through the gradual path of the education opens up many new opportunities for studying or take courses. If you want to study in Denmark, you need to attend language school and reach a certain level of Danish skills. 

Getting started

Lolland Job Centre refers you to Danish lessons. They cannot do so until you have a Danish cpr. no. (personal id no.) and are registered at a Danish address in Folkeregisteret (Danish Population Register).

Contact Lolland Job Centre at tel. +45 54 67 67 67 for a referral.

Once Lolland Language School has received your referral from the job centre, you will be invited to a visit and interview. Here, you will get more information about the programme and we will find out which Danish language programme and module you should start.

How much does it cost?

Depending on your grounds for residence, you may be asked to pay a deposit of DKK 2,000 to start the Danish lessons. You will also get more information about this at the visit-interview. It takes an average of 2 years to complete a full Danish language programme.

About Danish Language Education 1, 2 and 3

Danish Language Education 1 is for students who cannot read and write in their mother tongue, as well as Latin-illiterate people, who have not mastered a European writing system. 

Danish Education 2 is for students who have a basic school and educational background from their home country.

Danish Education 3 is for students who have a medium or full school and educational background and who may wish to get further education in Denmark, such as vocational training, secondary education or higher education.

You can read more about the 3 Danish programmes at the Danish Agency for International Recruitment and Integration (in Danish)

When is the class?

We offer both day and evening classes and are happy to help you organize your schedule to suit your everyday life.

Our day classes are taught 3 days a week, and our evening classes are 2 evenings a week.

Evening classes take place at 5:17 pm - 7:45 pm.

From August 2023, we are offering remote learning to our students. The offer is available for both beginners and advanced learners.

The classes will be conducted via Teams, one to two evenings per week. 

Any questions?

You are always welcome to contact the school at

Tel. +45 54 67 73 03 or by email