New to Lolland

The Harbour in Nakskov
Nakskov. Photo: Tummas Juul

Are you an international and new to Lolland? 

Lolland is an attractive area to settle into, whether you are moving here alone or together with your family. Our area is blessed with a fantastic nature, a large labour market, a dynamic housing market, a well-functioning infrastructure, and a healthy culture of work-life balance.

In addition, the city council has decided to establish the country’s first public, international school in the heart of Maribo, offering a high-quality, bilingual school program for your children, free of charge.

Furthermore, we have a variety of leisure activities and clubs to choose from. These offerings are great opportunities to socialise, stay active with your family and meet new friends.

We expect an influx of new international residents in the area in the years ahead, so you will in no means be alone as an expat. Lolland Municipality is working towards creating a new international hub, where expats and Danes can meet and build strong relationships

We hope that you will be an active part of our local community, learn and participate in the Danish traditions and contribute to the development of our area.

We are here to help you

On this website, you will find information about work opportunities, work life and how you can find a job on Lolland.

You will also find useful information about the Danish Citizen Service, healthcare and a little information about the typical "Danish way of life", which combines work- and family life in a healthy balance.

Despite that, we do of course also want to assist you with useful information about childcare options and ways of enjoying your free time in clubs and associations.

People on Lolland are friendly, they like to share experiences and will appreciate to help you feeling home on Lolland as well. Our international ambassadors can provide you with their own first-hand-perspective of how it is to live on Lolland. 

If you want to learn the Danish language we have a language school on Lolland, which is a free service, because we want to give you the best opportunity to adapt to your new home by learning about culture, traditions and ways of Danish lifestyle through Danish language. 

If you are looking for accommodation on Lolland, the pages about housing will assist you and your family in finding a good place to stay. 

As a tourist (or a newcomer) to Lolland, you may find inspiration for trips and excursions on our Visit Lolland-Falster webpage. Here you will get access to information about nice places nearby, experiences and local food, which you have to try while visiting Lolland!

Go to the engelsk Visit Lolland-Falster page.

Finally, feel free to contact our international consultant, which beside our ambassadors, will do her very best to assist you with any query you may have. We are looking forward to see you on Lolland!