Public transport

You can find more information about the bus lines on You can switch the language on the website to English in the top right-hand corner. 

The local train runs between Nakskov and Maribo, in between there are several stops:

  • Ryde 
  • Søllested 
  • Avnede 

You can find more information about the local train on (only in Danish).

Press the button to get on and off

If you need to get on or off on the smaller stations, remember to press the stop button. In the timetables, you can see which stations require you need to press the stop button at the next station. 

On the platforms, there is a button where you should press stop. Press it in good time so the train has a chance to brake.

Other trains

There is already a good train connection from Nykøbing Falster to Copenhagen, and the travel time is 1 hour and 40 minutes.

When the fixed link across the Fehmarn Belt is completed, we will also have a new international train station at Holeby, locally on Lolland, which will be the last stop before Germany. It will provide more and better opportunities to commute to and from our area.  


The easiest way to plan a journey is by using the online travel planner You can switch the language of the website to English in the top right-hand corner. To find a connection on Rejseplanen you put in your point of departure (address or place) and the final destination of your journey. The site will plan the easiest route and combines both trains and busses.

The most important thing to remember when you use any train or bus is to buy a ticket before starting your journey. If you are caught without a ticket or travel card, you risk being fined.

There are different options for payment, if you are only staying in Lolland as a tourist or guest, single-trip tickets are the easiest.

Get more information on how to buy tickets at

Rejsekortet is an electronic travel card, you can use it for all types of public transport and it makes payment easier as you do not need cash. It is like a payment card: you charge it with money and use it to pay for your travel. Rejsekortet also grants you a discount on your ticket price. 

To get a personalized Rejsekort you need a CPR number first.

You order your first card at (also in English). It is also at this site that you charge your card. 

On Lolland, there is ferry service between:

  • Fejø-Kragenæs
  • Femø-Kragenæs 
  • Askø-Bandholm 

Get more information at Lolland Ferry Service's webpage


 Aerial view of the ferry port in Kragenæs, with the ferry docking
Kragenæs Ferry port. Photo: Claus Kjær