Written Guide: How to Search for a Job in Denmark

In Denmark we have many internationals who find jobs and make a career in the Danish job market. The process of finding the first job in Denmark can be challenging, but it is at the same time very subjective to how the job search process is perceived. Now Denmark is in high need of workers, for all kinds of different jobs, so your future job might be here as well! 

On this page Martina Mostad the international consultant wil share her knowledge and experience of how you can start the process of searching for a job in Denmark.

Plant, keyboard and CV-paper with pen on a table

Language skills

Danes are generally very good in English, so your English skills will be important. But nevertheless, most companies in Denmark requires Danish language skills - a few international corporations do not. 

It is a very good idea to learn Danish, also even if you get a job in an international corporation. For the everyday life in Denmark, it is a gift to be able to speak, at least, some danish. 

Read more about language school on Lolland.

Your first job in Denmark - maybe not the same as your last 

One important thing in the process of landing your first job in Denmark could be to lower your expectations. Your first job in Denmark might not be the same job as the one you used to have. It could be that your first job is any job, it will stille be an important job, as you might gain network and a reference from a Danish workplace. 

It is also important to think in transferable skills, to ask yourself "How can your previous skills and life experience be transferred to another working situation then what you are used too?"

Your Danish CV and personal letter

Denmark is a highly digitalized country, so you will be able to find a lot of information about how to search for a job in Denmark online. On this page you will get a few links you can use.

In Denmark the way you write your CV is different than other countries, so you need to Danish-up your CV. One thing is to use a picture. Danes use picture on our CV, it is a way to show the more personal side. 

Another thing is, that the CV is mostly professional but also a bit personal. You can write an "About you" section that both show your professional skills but also a bit of personality. In Denmark we usually say that we hire the whole person, so the recruiter would like to learn a bit about you. If you have any special interest, you can also write this on the CV, it is completely fine to stand out a bit and make the recruiter remember you.

The CV should be about 2 pages long, and an aesthetic set-up can work very well. 

Read more about how to write your CV and personal letter in a Danish context on Work in Denmarks' website.

Unsolicited application

Many jobs are not advertised in Denmark, there is a big chance that your future job will be yours by unsolicited application. 

Read more about how to make an unsolicited application on Work in Denmarks' website.



Danes love professional networking and networking is a great way to get to know people, and it could be a way to find your new job! 

LinkedIn is also a platform where you can do networking. Out of 5 million Danes, 2 million have a LinkedIn profile. On LinkedIn you can research job opportunities, companies and get in touch with people that are in similiar positions as you would like to be. 

On Lolland we also has an international network for newcomers you can read more about here on the website.

Any questions? 

If you have any questions to start your job search in Denmark or need to talk to someone about your journey of relocating to Lolland, feel free to contact our newcomers guide Martina Mostad. Telephone +45 23 99 59 36, email: newcomers@lolland.dk