Cross-border worker

Are you a Cross-border worker?

Cross-border workers do not have to apply for a registration certificate or a residence and work permit. However, you have to get a personal tax number and pay tax in Denmark.

You are a cross-border worker if you are an EU/EEA citizen and you:

  • Work in Denmark
  • Have a permanent address in your home country
  • Regularly return to your country of residence

Special Health Insurance Card for Cross-border workers

As a cross-border commuter, you will be covered by Danish health insurance. We recommend you to order a special health card, which gives you the right to use the Danish healthcare system on the same terms as citizens living in Denmark. Your personal tax number ddmmyy-xxxx is used in the application.

Visit Udbetaling Denmark to apply for the special health card on (

In order to obtain a special health insurance card, it is a precondition that you:

  • Work a minimum of nine hours a week, 18 hours per 14 days, or 39 hours a month
  • Contribute to the ATP (Danish Labour Market Supplementary Pension Scheme)
  • Do not work in your country of residence

See more information about Healthcare for cross-border commuters (

Tax and Tax Card for Cross-border workers

You need a tax card when you work in Denmark. SKAT is the Danish tax authority which issues tax cards. As a crossborder worker you will receive a personal tax number and a tax card as a cross-border commuter at the tax centre. 

We recommend that you consult SKAT’s website in order to learn more about how to contact SKAT and how to obtain a tax card (

Bank Account for Cross-border workers

You should have a bank account (Nemkonto) in order to receive your salary. As a cross-border worker you can only open a bank account after you have obtained a tax card.

If you do not get a Danish bank account, you can assign your foreign account.

Please find information on the procedure ( 

Commuter consultation service

For more assistance on cross-border issues, you can contact our partners from Southern Jutland.

During the years to come, the Femern Belt Fixed Link will make cross-border commuting much easier and provide opportunities for an integrated labour market in the Danish-German border region, with cross-border commuters able to move across the border.

Therefore, Zealand Region is collaborating with the Region of Southern Jutland Schleswig to enhance cross-border commuter consultation for employees, employers and organisations in the Femern Belt Region.

The consultation can help with questions concerning taxation, sickness benefits, social security, moving and family benefits. The consultation itself can be done by phone, in writing or at a personal meeting. Various initiatives will be undertaken to assist citizens and companies.

The consultation service is based on many years of experience in the Danish-German border region in Jutland. Since 2004, the cross-border commuter consultation service has helped 55,000 citizens or companies in the area and has taken part in solving jurisdictional challenges with living or working across the border. Telephone enquiries Monday-Thursday from 08:00 to 16:30 and Friday from 08:00 to 15:00.


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