Work and live on Lolland

If you are a citizen from a country outside the EU/EEA, it is essential that you have been granted a work and residence permit before you start working in Denmark. 

Regarding a long-term visa, residence and work permit, you can find all the information needed on the website of the Danish Agency for International Recruitment and Integration (SIRI).

For more information, go to the website of the Danish Agency for International Recruitment and Integration, SIRI (

Are you an international who wants to work and live on Lolland?

Step 1: EU residence document and Work Permit

Citizens from the EU/EEA and Switzerland can take employment in Denmark and start work immediately after an employment date has been set.

If you have given up your permanent address abroad to work in Denmark, you must register as a foreign national in Denmark under the procedure below. As a citizen of Finland, Iceland, Norway or Sweden, you do not need to apply for a certificate of registration as all citizens from Nordic countries have the right to reside in Denmark without permission.

If you are an EU/EEA or Swiss citizen you have to apply for an EU residence document at SIRI - the Danish Agency for International Recruitmnent and Integration.

There are two ways to apply, you can bring a printable and completed application to your appointment or submit your application online.The application form and all relevant information is found on New to Denmark.

Read more about how to apply on New to Denmark (

Find the digital application form on New to Denmark (

You must meet up in person at SIRI in order to receive the EU residence document. If you submit the application in person you are supposed to bring a completed application, your national ID card or passport, all relevant documents and a passport picture.

You must book one appointment per person. You can make an appointment at a SIRIs branch office of your choice or make an appointment with SIRI at International House.

Find all branch offices on New to Denmark (

Make an appointment with SIRI at International House (

If you have any question you should call the EU phone (line 4)

Find assistance and contact information on SIRIs homepage (

Step 2: CPR-registration

Anyone who moves to Denmark and plan to stay for more than three months should register and get a CPR number.

Because of the large number of workers contributing to the Femern Construction Work, it will be possible to get CPR-registered directly in Rødby Havn instead of traveling to International House in Copenhagen.

For CPR-registration:

  1. Start to register online at International Citizen Service (ICS). Find the online application on IHCPs webside (
  2. When your application is approved you will be invited to make an appointment with Lolland municipality at Rødby Havn or receive a link to the booking system at International House. Should anything be missing you will be asked to upload the missing document. Citizen Service in Rødby Havn is located as part of the Femern Agency on Vestre Kaj 68 in Rødbyhavn.
  3. When you meet up in person, you must bring your passport or national Id card and all relevant documents.
  4. If everything is in order, you will be registered and you will receive a CPR letter immediately.
  5. After the registration you will be assigned with a GP (general practioner) and a health card (yellow card) will be ordered. You will also receive the yellow health card within 2-4 weeks. It is important that your name is on the letterbox, else the card will be returned.

 Find information on International Citizen Service (

Lolland Citizen Service

When your entry has been processed via ICS, you can get help from Citizen Service in Lolland Municipality to create a NemID.

It is essential to have a NemID to access public administrative self service and many other online digital solutions. It is also needed to receive Digital Post from public authorities. NemID is used to access your e-boks or where you receive and send documents to public authorities. 

It is also Citizen Service in Lolland, which you have to contact if you have questions about driving licences or are unsure which public authority you should contact on a specific question.

You will find Citizen Service at the libraries in Maribo and Nakskov. 

Book an appointment online or contact Citizen Service by telephone +45 54 67 67 67

Contact Lolland Municipality’s Citizen Service

Step 3 - Income Tax and Tax Card

When you work in Denmark, you must also pay income tax in Denmark, and you will therefore need a tax card. Tax cards are issued by the Danish Tax Agency and you or your employer must apply for it online.

You can made an application and find more information on SKAT´s homepage (

Step 4 - Bank Account and NemKonto (Easy account)

You must have a bank account to receive your salary. You will only be able to open a bank account after you have been issued with a CPR number (see above).

A NemKonto is an account which enables public institutions to transfer money directly to your bank account. All citizens are required to have a NemKonto (EasyAccount) and if you open a Danish bank account you should assign it as your NemKonto.   

Read more about NemID on (