On Lolland there are many playgrounds that offer possibilities for play and movement. In many of the playgrounds there are tables and benches. Many of the playgrounds are close to beautiful areas, oases of nature, where you can take for your family for an excursion.

Take a look at the list on this site, and find a playground that fits for you.

Address: Havnepladsen 3, 4941 Bandholm 

At Bandhold there is a nice little playground, it especially is attractive for play for kids in kindergarden age. The area is partially fenced.

Just next to the playground there is a very child friendly beach area, a nice place to play in all seasons.

There is a parking lot very close to the playground and beach. 

An overview of the playground at Bandholm Beach

Address: Bøgevej 11-13, 4970 Rødby

In Rødby there is an nice little fenced playground. It is used a lot by the local daycares. It is also a playground where kids in the age of 3-5 can play.

On the playground there is a small shelter, tables and benches so it is easy to enjoy your lunch there.

You find parking options just next to the playground on Bøgevej.

Overview at the playground on Bøgevej

Adress: Nybro 1, 4990 Nakskov 

At Cirkuspladsen in Nakskov there is a playground and a big green area that can be used for different games and ball games.

There is also a wooden house where you can eat your lunchboxes or enjoy your coffee while the kids are playing.

There are parking options just next to the playground.

Overview of playground in Nakskov

Adresse: Bygaden 53B, 4983 Dannemare

This playground was established by as a volunteer initiative. The playground invites for a lot of fun and play, if you want, you can also eat your lunch at the benches or in the small house.

Parking option, you can find at the Daglig Brugsen and next to the church.

Facilities at the Dannemare Citypark playground

Address: Vestervej 128, 4960 Holeby

In Holeby Citypark next to the playground, you will find outdoor exercise equipment. Which is placed in beautiful nature and while exercising you will get a lot of fresh air maybe the kids can even play on the playground while you are working out?

Parking options are on Vestervej er by Holeby Sportshall.

Exercise equipment at Holeby Citypark

Adresse: Tårsvej 67, 4912 Harpelunde

Exercise equipment outside gives you the perfect combination of fresh air and physical movement. In Sandby Citypark, just next to the playground, you can do a quick work out while the kids are playing around.

Exercise equipment at Sandby Citypark

Address: Havnegade 2, 4970 Rødby

The construction of the world's longest immersed tunnel - the Fehmarnbelt tunnel - between Rødbyhavn and Puttgarden in Germany has begun. 

In connection to a large guided exhibition in Danish and English is a very nice outdoor playground area equipped with tables and benches. 

The inventory at Fehmarnbelt Playground

Address: Hestehovedet 1, 4900 Nakskov

The playground on Hestehovedet opened in 2021, with the funding from the urban development project Nakskov 2030 and LAG.

The area offers beautiful nature experiences, a big beach and big areas for all sorts of sports.

There are good toilets and many possibilities for parking.

Two girls playing at the playground in Hestehovedet

Address: Vestervej 128, 4960 Holeby

In Holeby Park there is an playground especially suited for smaller kids. The playground is fenced and there are wooden tables and benches to small and big.

There are parking options just next to the Park by the sports hall.

The inventory at the playground in Holeby Citypark

Address: Stationsvej 4, 4913 Horslunde

In Horslunde Citypark you find a playground that is established in collaboration with Horslunde beboerforening. The playground fits very well for both small and bigger children. There is also the possibility for playing in a paved and fenced area, excellent for any sport with a ball. The Horslunde Bypark is nice place to explore!

There are parking options just next to the Playground on Stationsvej.

The inventory at the playground in Horslunde Citypark

Address: Enter via Winchellsgade, 4900 Nakskov

In the middle of the area in Indrefjorden you can find a nice and fenced playground. Around the playground, there are big grass areas where one can play games.

Here you are in the middle of some of the most beautiful nature on Lolland. There are small roads around the whole area, you can bicycle or walk to the playground.

Facilities at the playground in Indrefjorden, Nakskov

Address: Refshalevej 52, 4930 Maribo

Next to the kayakclub in Maribo there is a big green area where there are plenty of possibilities for fun. There are also a fine playground, tables and benches.

You can enjoy the view over Maribo Lake and have fun at the small beach. It is safe to swim in the lake, many people do so during summertime.

There are parking options very close to the playground and lake.

Swings and playhouse at playground in Maribo

Address: Rådhuset 1, 4930 Maribo 

In the middle of Maribo there is a small oasis for kids, it is a nice stop on the shopping tour or a great place to enjoy looking at your kids play around while you take a rest at the bench.

Two kids playing at the playground area

Address: Møllevænget 21, 4951 Nørreballe

A small and very nice playground, it is used frequently by the local daycares but it is open for all to enjoy.

There are tables and benches, and a forest close by.

Parking is possible at Møllevænget 17-23.

Facilities at the playground in Nørreballe

Go and explore the beautiful Rødby Lystskov by following the paths in the forest. On the way, you will find play- and exercise equipment.

It is also possible to bring your lunch, in the middle of Lystskoven there is a big cottage, there are also hammocks and a big green area.

Parking is possible on Fruegade.

Two girls running and playing on exercise equipments

Address: Strandvej 3, 4970 Rødby

In Lystskoven in Rødby there is a big playground with many facilities. Fitting for the small kids and even for the bigger ones. The playground is fenced, so it is a safe for kids to run around. The forest around the playground is also a great place to explore!

There is also a small house where you can sit and eat.

There are parking options close to the forest both at Sædingevej and Fruegade.

Girl at the top of the playhouse

Address: Svingelen 2, 4900 Nakskov

This playground has a fence around, so it is completely safe for your kids to explore the area. Here kids can experience with Danish nature and at the same time have a lot of fun.

From the entrance, it looks like an ordinary forest playground, but the area has more potential. From the open part of the area there is a tunnel made out of branches, the kids can explore a new world in there where nature comes up close.

A cave of branches made by children in the forest

Address: Tårsvej 67, 4912 Harpelunde

In Sandby Citypark there is established a play area that is open for all, it is also used by many tourists.  Just next to the playground there is exercise equipment, you can be active while the kids are playing. You will also find a shelter, fireplace, benches and tables.

Parking you can do just next to the citypark.

Facilities at Sandby Citypark

Address: Studiestræde, 4952 Stokkemarke

In Stokkemarke there is a nice playground for children, there are also benches in the area so you can easily enjoy food and drinks.

You find parking options at Studiestræde.

Swing at the playground in Stokkemarke

Address: Svingelen 2, 4900 Nakskov

In Svingelen in Nakskov you can visit the playground which is located in the open area just next to the big lake.

Here you can enjoy the equipment, the great view or take a walk in the area. The small cottage you can use for eating and drinking or maybe even start a bonfire and get your sausages heated there.

You can find parking options next to the forest or by the restaurant Skovriddergården.

The inventory at playground at Svingelen

Address: Birkevej 1A, 4920 Søllested

Trylleparken, is a green area in the middle of the city Søllested. Here there are many options for activities. There is a small cottage where you can use the fireplace and there park is divided in to different areas, explore and you will see!

Parking is possible next to Søllested Sportshall.

Facilities at Trylleparken, Søllested