Clubs and Associations

Clubs and Associations are a great way to socialize. Denmark is sometimes referred to as a nation of associations, because we have so many clubs and associations, and almost no matter what kind of hobby you have, you can find a Danish association that is suitable.

Kids playing sport

Becoming a member of an association or club is a great way to make friends and establish a local network. They are open for all; children, youngsters, singles and couples.

Associations and clubs are run by volunteers, and it is not usually expensive to become a member.

Almost all Danes are members of some kind of association or club. The majority of clubs are sports clubs. Football is the most popular with the most members, while handball, gymnastics and swimming are also growing sports genres in Denmark.

Did you know that handball is a Danish invention and therefore also a Danish passion?
It was invented in Denmark in 1898, and today we have both a men’s and women’s national team. This is also a very popular sport for young people.

How to enroll

There is a large selection of sports facilities scattered around Lolland, swimming pools in Nakskov, Maribo and Rødby, as well as ball pitches, tennis courts, skate ramps, etc., in many places.

You can find all associations in Lolland Municipality’s Association Portal, where you can search for the type of sport you or your child is interested in and find relevant contact details for the associations. You can also search after assocoations, use your city´s postal code to find all clubs and associations close to your hometown. 

Go to Lolland Municipality's Association Portal (only in Danish)

Almost all clubs and associations also have a website or a Facebook page.

Welcome associations

You can also contact a welcome association.

A welcome association is a specially selected association for newcomers. They are ready to welcome you, answer your questions and make sure you will get a good start in the clubs and associations.

On the Association Portal you can find a list with welcome associations in Lolland.

Go to Lolland Municipality's Association Portal (Only in Danish).


Activities for children

If you have children, there are plenty of after-school activities on Lolland. There are often no waiting lists, and your child can start from one day to the next.

Sport and outdoor activities

There are plenty of sports activities, both outdoors and indoors on Lolland. Kayaking, rowing, football and gymnastics are especially popular sports on Lolland, but your child can also participate in martial arts, horseback riding and much more.

If your child loves the outdoor life, Lolland is also the obvious place. Due to the fantastic countryside, the many lakes and fjords and the long coastline, there are plenty of opportunities for your child to enjoy the outdoors.

For example, your child can go to scouts, horseback riding or kayaking. You can also go on exciting hiking or mountain bike trips together.

Two kids kayaking

Music and nature

If your child loves music, Lolland Music School offers tuition in leisure time. There is music for children of all ages, and there is the chance to go to a wide range of instrumental lessons, a choir and orchestra/ensemble. There are also often cafe events in Musikhuset or concerts with choirs and ensembles.

Visit Lolland Music School’s website (only in Danish).

Lolland Ungdomsskole 

Lolland Ungdomsskole offers many experiences and lots of new friends for children and young people between the ages of 13 and 18. Here, your child can go to a junior or youth club, go on trips and tours around the country, go diving, play hockey, go on theatre trips or help arrange parties.

Your child can also be involved in deciding the activities, as democracy is an integral part of the junior high school on Lolland.

Visit Lolland Ungdomsskole’s website (only in Danish).

Leisure life for adults

Lolland Municipality also has a lot to offer to adults, which is especially true for activities in the beautiful outdoors.

There is a fantastic setting for kayaking and rowing, kitesurfing or sailing, as Lolland’s long coastline, beautiful fjords and lakes are perfect for water and coastal activities.

The harbours around Lolland also offer great opportunities for fishing, and you will find, among other things, the Danish Championships in flat fishing on Lolland’s north coast at Onsevig.

Read more about being active in the open air on Lolland (only in Danish).

A group of people cycling
Photo: Nordea-Fonden

Cycling on Denmark’s longest dyke

On Lolland’s south coast, you will find Denmark’s longest dyke, which is ideal for long bike rides with sea views, and with Lolland’s flat geography, the island is an obvious place for cycling.

On Lolland, you will also find classic sports such as football, handball, swimming and gymnastics, and there is also lots of activity in associations for triathlon, running and golf.

Get an overview of the associations on Lolland Municipality’s Association Portal.

Culture, music and theatre

If you are into creative subjects, there are many learning opportunities and associations for music and song, teaching and theatre.

Read more about culture on Lolland.

If you love to sing, the music school offers choir and solo singing lessons, and gospel has been particularly popular in recent years. Lolland Music School also offers tuition for adults: there is instrumental tuition in everything from percussion to wind instruments, string instruments and piano, and there are also excellent opportunities for teamwork.

If you are into theatre, you can act on an amateur stage or even help arrange performances.

Visit Lolland Music School’s website.

Read more about theatre on Lolland.

Gospelchoir, Lolland Musicschool

Evening school

The evening schools on Lolland offer a wide range of creative and educational courses for all tastes. For example, you can learn a language, try creative crafts, yoga and meditation, or immerse yourself in genealogy.

You also have the chance to participate in exciting lectures or courses on personal development.

See an overview of the evening schools on the electronic culture guide KultuNaut.