Things to do

Lolland is full of things to do for all tastes. You can see theatre performances and concert events, and there are cinemas, markets and a wide selection of museums.

View from Fuglsang Art Museum
Fuglsang Art Museum. Photo: Tage Jensen.

Libraries and cinemas

The libraries in Nakskov and Maribo offer a wide range of exciting events for all ages. Lectures, debates, theme cafes, morning singing, mini-concerts and a musical playroom for the little ones are arranged.

You can also go to the cinema and enjoy a good film. Søllested Bio and Kulturhus, Lalandia Bio in Rødbyhavn and Filmklubben Lolland show the most popular feature films for all ages.

Museums and theatres

Lolland has many fascinating museums. There are many smaller local museums and the larger Museum Lolland-Falster, which regularly has various exhibitions and exciting events for all ages.

On Lolland, you will also find Fuglsang Art Museum, one of the country’s oldest art museums, with a significant collection of Danish art from 1780 up to the present day.

If you are into theatre, Nørregade Theatre in Maribo offers its own produced performances, while Vestlollands Teaterkreds in Nakskov shows some of Denmark’s most successful performances when touring theatres visit.

Børn og voksne kaster med hestesko.
The open-air museum in Maribo. Foto: Visit Lolland-Falster.

Music and festivals

On Lolland, you can experience all kinds of music, and especially classical music and jazz are well represented on the island. Ensemble Storstrøm and Elvermose Classical Concerts perform classical music of the highest quality, while Maribo Jazz Festival and Femø Jazz Festival bring life to the streets every summer.

Jazz-koncert på torvet i Maribo.

Things to do outside

Lolland´s nature is outstanding, and we want to invite you to discover its beauty on your own or together with your family. If you need some inspiration what you could do in the weekends, you can take a look at Lolland Municipality´s homepage, where you will find descriptions of for example all our nice beaches, natureparks, cykling- and hikingpaths and fishing spots. We are sure, that you will find many more secret spots on your way out there. 

Visit Lolland Municipality´s webpage to find your next experience in Lollands outstanding nature (only in danish)

Out of the ordinary

On Lolland, you will also find the major tourist attractions, Knuthenborg Safaripark, located on North Lolland in Bandholm, and Lalandia on South Lolland in Rødbyhavn - places that are always worth a visit for the whole family.

On North Lolland, with a view over the water, there is also one of Denmark’s most significant monuments, called Dodekalitten, which are 12 singing sculptures that create a unique atmosphere reminiscent of Stonehenge - a monument worth a visit all year round.

The association behind Dodekalitten also arranges concerts at the sculptures.

Arrangement ved Dodekalitten

Online calendar - What is happening on Lolland?

With Lolland Municipality’s online calendar, you can follow what is happening on Lolland. It's only in Danish, but there is a multitude of events for people of all ages. In the calendar, you can quickly and easily find and sign up for the events you want.