How to create a CV on Jobnet

  1. Enter the homepage and choose between new user (ny bruger) or existing user (allerede bruger). You login with MitID. 
  2. Enter the jobsearch (jobsøgning) menu at the top and choose the section CV-information (CV-oplysninger). 
  3. You must fill out at least the upper three sections.
  4. The first section is your contact details (kontaktinformation). Your adress is prefilled from national register. Add email adress and phone number. 
  5. Next section is work experience (arbejdserfaring) and here you enter the various jobs you have had. A good thing is to include your work tasks and what you learned.
  6. Your various educations (uddannelse) should be written in the third section. 
  7. The bottom section is where you add extra content to your CV (tilføj indhold til dit CV). This section is additional, but we encourage you to use it. Please fill it out as comprehensively as possible, including cerificates, driver's licenses, languages, etc. 
  8. Your CV is now finish. At the top, you have the option to save as a PDF (gem som PDF) or export to Word (gem som Word) if you need to make changes for a specific job opening. 
  9. Now you go back to the menu jobsearch (jobsøgning) at the top and find the section "I am looking for job as" (jeg søger job som). Jobnet is controlled by keywords, and it's very important that you fill out this section. Please fill out several job preferences; it will help our recruiters find your CV. Jobnet will now also assist you by suggesting job openings based on this information. 
  10. The last and most important step is to make your CV searchable. Enter section CV-information (CV-oplysninger) again and find the section CV status on the right-hand side. Activate the button "Make CV searchable (gør CV søgbart).